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Hawaii Dreaming
Mauna Kea sunrise Hawaii Big Island photo

By Will Austin

Will Austin’s award-winning photography has taken him around the world. Although he regularly does editorial work, Will specializes in documenting cutting-edge architecture and industrial workplaces. He lives in the Seattle area with his wife and son, but hails from Colorado cowboy country.

May 22, 2014

We went to the “Big Island” of Hawaii this spring and I was stunned and amazed, it is truly paradise.  It might also have been the first “relaxing” vacation of my adult life.  I didn’t really take many photos but spent more time with my family enjoying zipline adventures, black sand beaches, swimming with sea turtles and some resort life.  And this is really difficult to put into words, but I started feeling really great toward the latter half of our week there and the feeling persisted several days after I returned.  Maybe “high” isn’t the correct term but I sure felt great.  In Brazil they say “tranquilo,” that sounds better.  I’m not sure if it was from the blast of vitamin D, the ocean swimming, the Kona Coffee or what, but I can’t wait to go back!  And this might be the best place I’ve seen for a photo workshop 😉

I had no idea there were so many Sea turtles or “Honu” there, I saw 7 total and swam near one while filming with my GoPro.  This one was sunning on the beach in the early morning –

Hawaii Big Island Honu photo by Will Austin

Lava rock formations meet the sea –

Hawaii Big Island lava and beach photo

Sunrise from the Mauna Kea volcano –

Mauna Kea sunrise Hawaii Big Island photo

“Place of Refuge” park –

Place of Refuge Hawaii Big Island photos by Will Austin

Tropical fruit at a farmer’s market –

Tropical fruit at Hawaii Big Island farmer's market

Koi pond –

Koi pond, Hawaii Big Island photo

Traveller’s Palm –

Traveller's Palm, Hawaii Big Island photo by Will Austin

A beautiful Gold Dust Day Gecko posed for me –

Gold Dust Day Gecko on Hawaii Big Island by Will Austin Photography

Hawaii Garden Spider against the clear blue sky –

Hawaii Garden Spider on the Big Island photo by Will Austin


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