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iPhone Wallpapers

By Will Austin

Will Austin’s award-winning photography has taken him around the world. Although he regularly does editorial work, Will specializes in documenting cutting-edge architecture and industrial workplaces. He lives in the Seattle area with his wife and son, but hails from Colorado cowboy country.

July 1, 2010

The new iPhone iOS 4 software added the ability to change the home screen wallpaper which is really cool but I found I didn’t like having a normal photo behind my app icons – too busy and distracting. Mostly I just wanted my plain black background back! So I made a black wallpaper along with some other dark/faded color versions. For the more adventurous iPhone user I also threw in a crazy one called “fruit stripe.” They are the exact resolution of the new iPhone 4 “retina” display but will work great with the other iPhones as well.

Link to zip file with 12 wallpapers-

Fade Purple –

Fruit Stripe –

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