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Shooting the Supermoon

By Will Austin

Will Austin’s award-winning photography has taken him around the world. Although he regularly does editorial work, Will specializes in documenting cutting-edge architecture and industrial workplaces. He lives in the Seattle area with his wife and son, but hails from Colorado cowboy country.

March 20, 2011

I was excited to shoot a photo of yesterday’s “Supermoon” rise.  I found a nice location using the LightTrac and Theodolite iPhone apps and waited for it to rise behind the Space Needle.  But, as expected during March in Seattle, it was cloudy and there was just a glow through the clouds.  But after few minutes it broke through a bit and I made some quick exposures.  Maybe it will be better when the Supermoon returns in 2029.

Supermoon moon rise behind the Space Needle in Seattle

And…. since I was foiled by the hazy clouds, I waited for it to clear and made this version out of two exposures (with a little help from my computer) –

Supermoon moon rise behind the Space Needle in Seattle

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  1. Ruth

    Wow! these are wonderful, Will. I checked the moon from here about 10:30, and it was lovely in the V between a tree and the roof. What fun!

  2. Will

    Thanks Ruth!